Vanguard Academy would like to thank our school social workers for their amazing work and dedication towards making our schools a better place!

School Social Workers are daily confronted with increasing behavioral and social/emotional challenges, the impact of trauma, and increased staff anxieties in addressing these challenges.    However, School Social Workers face these challenges with strength and resilience.

School Social Workers rise up – supporting their students, families, and school communities. They rise to listen and understand. They rise to share hope.  School Social Workers rise to provide trauma informed interventions.   They rise to challenge inequities. They rise to advocate for the needs and rights of others.  They rise to support ALL students.

Vanguard Academy believes that School Social Workers rise together to support their students, families, and school communities.  It’s time to celebrate and be acknowledged for all of the tireless work you do to assist others.

We thank Mrs. Cynthia Hernandez, Mrs. Eliza De Leon, Miss Kassandra Molina, and Mrs. Diana Sanchez for their dedication and passion they show daily to the students, parents and staff at Vanguard Academy.