Vanguard Academy Spring Leadership Academy

Vanguard Academy hosted a Spring Leadership Academy of teachers and administrators earlier
this week. School leaders, specialists, and partners joined in to provide meaningful and beneficial daylong
professional development activities for participants.
During the Academy, participants were able to hear from Vanguard Academy Superintendent Dr.
Narciso Garcia and Mozart Secondary Principal Dr. Sandra Cabrera, empowering Vanguard Academy
educators to create a collegial network with other educational leaders and peers, learn new and innovative
trends shaping today’s education, and strategically planning for professional and personal development.
“Vanguard Academy is continuously building and edifying the leaders of today and tomorrow
through our Vanguard Academy leaders,” Dr. Garcia said. “We have amazing teachers aspiring to be
The Academy, consisting of 40 teachers, is a positive affirmation of the commitment of Vanguard
Academy to provide quality candidates for administrative assignments.
“Great principals and leaders dramatically shape and impact a school culture, improve student
achievement, and create a great workplace,” Dr. Garcia said. “…and Vanguard Academy has the best